Your Life

As Church Life is only as strong as the Life of its Families, Family Life is only as strong as ‘you’, and the lives of the other individuals that make it up. This applies to not only the  Spiritual area, but to all aspects that create healthy “Self Esteem”

Much of what can be accomplished regarding this statement can happen in a workshop setting, however there are numbers of areas that require a deeper and more personalized process. This is where “Coaching” comes in.

As a qualified Career and Work Counsellor, your career issues can be addressed, however due to these factors…

  • Twenty-five years of Pastoral Ministry
  • My desire to objectively work with people helping through many of life’s issues, as well as
  • My access to a variety of assessments that give insight to various aspects of life,

much can be accomplished in a short time that put you on the path of healthy Self Esteem. When you begin to grasp that, you are who you are, because God made you “according to a pattern”,  that in His eyes is a fabulous starting point.

Though I have a Career Coaching ticket, the variety of approaches, along with many years of experience enables me to handle several areas beyond career. These would include…

  • Personal
  • Spiritual
  • Marital
  • Family
  • Life Balance
  • Stress
  • Job
  • Retirement

As curious people we tend to investigate God’s incredible creation…the wonders of the world and the beauty of nature; but for some reason humanity seems to shy away from exploring His highest creation…mankind, created in His image…and “you” in particular…

So Let’s go and Explore

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