Your Life: Realizing Your Moment

I was born in 1952. Needless to say, I have a few years under my belt and those years have taught me many life truths.  This is one of them.

You can’t live in the past, it will squelch progress and growth. You can’t live in the present, life is more than a series of here & now experiences. You can’t live in the future, you could live life with only a list of unfulfilled dreams. But God in his omniscience has placed us on this continuum called time. The most significant moments occur when we merge the lessons of our individual and unique history, screened through the truth and energy of the moment to move us forward to a lifetime of fulfilled dreams and God’s calling, one event at a time. Therein lies ‘our call’. Once again we must look at the scriptures to confirm this truth.

In a defining moment , in a fearless God inspired way, at a focal point in his life, David defeated Goliath. In his past he displayed a respect for God which translated into musically inspired worship and absolute divine reliance. As well, out of necessity, this shepherd boy developed acute weaponry skills  in order to protect his father’s flock.  What he did in his past was an shadow of what was needed in Israel’s future.  God used him as an adult king to lead His people into worship and divine reliance as well as military acumen in order to protect Israel, the Father’s  flock.

In another defining moment  the Apostle Paul after being knocked of his horse, laid visionless and alone in a Damascus rooming house hearing the audible voice of God and being blinded by His light. During this moment he was being confronted with a new spiritual reality and was grasping to understand.  His past reveals an energetic young man who had studied the Old Testament writ, the written voice of God. Over time this academic scholarly approach to the Old Testament created a stubborn legalistic icon grasping to defend a covenant he felt was under assault. In his immediate three year future, God was going to use the Holy Spirit to refine that ingrained knowledge from those years of study in order to fulfill Paul’s new calling. Once a missionary of Zionism; now a missionary for the King of Zion. Once a despiser he was about to become the despised.  In his future were love letters written to encourage and correct  the many churches he planted. The most productive season of his life was based on a restatement of what he studied in former years, a redefinition of Old Testament  knowledge clarified through the lens of Jesus Christ. The outcome became the largest portion of the New Testament we read to this day.

I have to wonder if on the Day of Pentecost when Peter was preaching Christ to the crowds in Jerusalem,  he realized his past as a fisher of fish was being radically transformed by God to a future life of being a fisher of men.

I too had my moment. After a ten year life challenge, I transitioned from a pastoral role and graduated as a Career & Work Counsellor. It is interesting that in High School thirty years earlier I wrote a captivating paper titled “How to Find Your Career” driven by years of asking the question, “Why do people do what they do?”. These were indicators of the emergent. God was step by step shaping my divinely designed future. Today, Life Concept Ministries helps people understand who God created them to be so they too can be released into a destiny that God understood even before they were born. Helping people make connections over life’s continuum then joining the dots, seeing the picture and confirming God’s call on peoples’ lives, is an awesome life.

Have you realized your moment?

Have you looked for the clues of God’s divine design in your history?

Is God trying to get your attention to shape His real purpose for your life?


  1. Judy Melrose says

    Fantastic insights…look forward to reading more Murray!

    • Thanks Judy…more to come in the areas of Your Church, Your Family and Your Life. That is what this site is all about. Forward the post if you wish and/or promote this website to your friends base.

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