Church Life Feedback

Grant Calberry, Board Member at Northview Pentecostal Church, Peterborough, Ontario says…

The Personality Dimensions workshop that Murray leads is a great learning experience. I have completed the workshop four times and I never fail to learn something new. The understanding that is gained is invaluable and I use the knowledge daily in all aspects of life.

One area that this information has been a great benefit is in my dealings with others in the church I attend. During church board meetings it is very valuable to help me understand why something may be said the way it was, or something done in certain ways based on people’s patterns of human dynamic. One of the key things that we have to do is get along with others which can be difficult at times and is much easier when you have appreciation for others and you able to take the emotions out of a situation.

I believe anyone in a leadership position especially in a church should have some training in understanding personalities and have an opportunity to be involved in one of Murray’s Personality Dimensions workshop.

Rev. Clark Young, Lead Pastor of Glad Tidings Pentecostal Church in Arnprior Ontario says…

One of the core values of the church that I lead is to be a church that equips. A number of years ago we turned to Murray Comber of Life Concepts Ministries to help us with this. Murray has been tremendously effective in helping our leaders and key influencers to understand how they are uniquely “wired”. As he has walked us through his seminars, I have observed many “Ah-haa” moments where participants have gained profound and significant insights into their personalities and the personalities of those around them. As a result, we are able to work together much more effectively. Relationships have been strengthened, communication is enhanced and effectiveness has increased. On a regular basis I hear people referring to the concepts learned from Murray’s presentations.

In my capacity as a leader, the concepts I have learned have served me well. I have learned valuable insights as to how to communicate and lead. I would, without hesitation, recommend Murray to any organization that is seeking to equip and empower their leaders and lay people toward greater effectiveness. His impact on our leaders and lay people has been significant and lasting!

Pastor Andy Woodworth of New Hope Fellowship in Belleville says…

Within the Church, the problem does not seem to be with people believing we should get along with one another, but how do we get along with one another.  I was seeing the fundamental belief of community being stifled by the reality of people perceiving and interpreting life differently because of how they were naturally wired.  Life Concepts was like a light in the darkness for people who wanted to be connected with others, but were frustrated by the differences in values and perceptions they had.

Murray helped our leaders to first see how they were wired and the strengths each of them had because of their personality types.  Then, walking us through practical exercises, we were able to see how our various temperaments interacted with one another.  This provided us with an awareness of the potential conflict points, but also gave us an awareness of the strength we had in working together, with our greater level of understanding of a situation and of each other.

Kelly Franklin of London Ontario says…

 Murray’s passion for people and their ability to work and live together in a meaningful and productive way is something our staff needed. The level of expertise, information presented and outcomes exceeded our expectations. As a trainer/facilitator, we found Murray personable and to connect with each of our staff at their level.

This passion translated through his teaching and coaching time with a group of coworkers. Helping us to walk through a journey of self discovery and learn about others has enabled the staff team to work through strategies, plans and physical actions in a more cohesive and productive fashion.

People awareness to maximize gifts and talents within a “team” has now become part of my own passions.

Thanks Murray for the headstart with awareness and the personal and corporate support you offer. Definitely worth the “price of admission”…an investment in not only company, but each individual.

Owner, Farmtown Canada’s Funny Farm Kids Camps Programs and Counseling