Ministry Profile

WHAT does Life Concept Ministries (LCM) do?

Life Concept Ministries is a practical, Biblically based ministry training those who live, work, worship and enjoy life with other people.  Behind the apparent unpredictability of human nature, God has given predictable life and behavioural patterns. These patterns, supported by the easy to understand functions of sensing, intuiting, thinking and feeling can be measured, examined and explained. Once we grasp how our patterns and functions differ from those we are in relationship with, we begin to realize that God intended them to work together towards the biblical and common goal…as one. According to Acts 2, it was when believers were in both unity and accord that God moved.

God moves, not only when people are in ‘Unity’ but when they’re in ‘Accord’

These ‘Life Concepts’ can be applied to

  • Team building for all levels of Church/Para Church Leadership, Staff  and Organizational Development
  • Christian Education, Cell/Small Group Leaders
  • Marriages and Parenting
  • Entire Congregations and its Ministry Gifts
  • Know how you work with you money
  • Plan what you will do when you Retire

It will also help you understand an aspect of “Self Denial” that is not often explored, which is totally supported by scripture.

 WHY does LCM do this?

Churches are strong when they possess a sense of  ”Call in their Mission and Purpose”, not only in terms of the general Biblical mandate, but in the specific directives for any given church. When that is supported by healthy worship, it is even stronger. These are the spiritual matters and callings that flow from Heaven to Earth.

A church is even stronger when in a healthy way it offers itself back to God.  Understanding this Earth to Heaven flow can do numbers of things.

  1. Create an atmosphere of unity and accord that can build both the internal and outreach ministries of congregations.
  2. Strengthen leadership, education, and any other interpersonal department within a church, organization, marriage or family.
  3. Help people understand how God hardwired them and how this intimate knowledge was in existence even before birth as written in Psalm 139. God gifted each person for a specific purpose.

All of this can happen for everyone, not only in the church life but also in everyday living apart from the church, in their world of work and everyday living also know as Life Skills.

I do this to help people live a healthy faith based Christian life both inside and outside the church

 HOW does LCM approach this cause?

Murray does his training in two venues…Group Workshops and Individual or Family Coaching.

The reason why the workshops are so powerful is the multi-dynamic approach. During each session you hear, see and experience all the concepts being presented. The concepts are even stronger when you experience them with others you know well and begin to recognize the patterns and functions in them. Two regular comments heard during the session are, “Oh that is so me!” and “Oh that is so you!” When you have a name and a face, especially that of a friend that you connect the concept to, you retain the knowledge. What you learn becomes a tool to understand not only yourself but an integral part of understanding why other people do what they do as well.

When Individual and Family sessions are needed, though the dynamic changes they are equally as powerful. With only one or a few involved, the breadth of group interaction is replaced by the depth of a more targeted knowledge. Personal and specific circumstantial questions are addressed.

 WHEN can an LCM event happen?

The basic Awareness Workshop takes 3 1/2 to 4 hours pending the size of the group. Once this is completed the basic concepts are clearly understood. During the afternoon session, further information looks at the influences of Age & Stage development as well as Introversion & Extroversion. Application and outcomes are learned during the entire workshop but always concludes with specific application on the theme of choice (Leadership, Team, Marriage, Family, Career, etc)

The preferred approach to a Life Concepts Ministry event is several sessions over a day or two during a weekend. There is some flexibility, especially if you are within driving distance from Ottawa so contact Murray to discuss the  options.

When individual and/or family consultation is requested, proximity to Ottawa or to a location where Murray frequently goes would be necessary. These sessions are usually a few hours each.  Another approach that has been successful is booking Murray for an entire day teaching you the necessary concepts to address your purposes.

 Questions This Ministry Addresses

  • Our Team dynamics are good. What can we do to make them great?
  • How can I (and my team) creatively rethink the future ministries of our church?
  • Is there a fun training session to motivate and set the tone for our planning days/sessions?
  • How can I understand Ministry Gifts of people in my church  are and how they can be used?
  • How can I train my future leadership so we always have people ready?