Marriage Life

Having facilitated workshops in churches since 2001 and trained well over 6000 people, experience has proved to me that in most marriages, the person we married either is, or is very close to being our opposite. The old adage is true…

“Opposites Attract”

When life is running smooth this proves to be a wonderful state, but when the pressures of life emerge, look out…those differences stand up and make themselves known…very known!

What are these differences and how can they be managed? A Life Concepts couples event will begin to open that door.

You probably will have never experienced and event like a Life Concepts Marriage Weekend. It will not be the norm for typical marriage events.  In a way that is highly interactive you will learn…

  • To know who you are
  • To know who your spouse is
  • The great stuff each of you bring to your marriage table
  • The individual personal pitfalls that can derail any relationship, as well as
  • Some eye openers  about your children, which are addressed in the next Sub Menu, the Family Life section

Do you want to invest in your spouse and family?  Plan a marriage workshop today!

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