Ministry Gifts

There is nothing more fulfilling that being released to minister in the area of your God Given Giftedness…those hardwired abilities that God placed in you so you can have an effective Spirit Driven ministry for him.

I am continually amazed at how many believers have not fully identified the breath of this potential choosing to serve in the venue of  available opportunity whether one is wired for that opportunity or not.

There are ways of identifying what you can offer back to God. Some are interested based, some are personality based. Regardless, once identified you will know…

  • Where to serve God
  • Offer yourself as a portal to establish new ministries and open new doors of outreach within your church
  • Understand what Self Denial ‘really means’.

THis type of learning can be done in both group and individual training events.

Visit to discover more about the processes used to discover your Ministry Gifts.